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Lets not forget the ease with which a little bit of video editing can create a valuable message. So here are the corollaries. First, the concept of a storyboard became highly utilized. In other words, as a programmer, this newly rebranded animator began using a rudimentary story board. But only at the level of screenplay. Just a text editor, with no scratches or scrawls, neither on PC nor on paper. Still, the Libretto if you will, truly found a way from rough draft to refined roadmap. This made implementing the scenes actually achievable (improvisation is well and desirable, but might i remind thee of attention span). The second corollary is the concept of documenting the implementation. Which is a metavideo about the “making of the movie K!” This came about entirely spontaneously and I’m glad it will be the only occasion the first person is used in this essay: to laud its inception.