Initiative Science

ok im going to try and publish one of my advertisements here. ¬†and i guess it needs a shortcode, like this…

i wanted to draw attention to the wp-upload directory pattern that wordpress uses for storing your media content. its driven by calendar values, so stuff like /2012/12/ is different from /2013/01/ and etc. why should you care? users are exempt from caring. but here’s what i discovered. im interested in the upload location because i want the template to use a different background image every time you visit a page. so i need to know the directory and well now you know why the locations of the files are important. ican get around the issue of wanting to use more than one particular months background images, that can be done with wildcards and other “use more than one directory” code level logic.

but i found out that the wp_upload_dir function returns different values on separate wordpress installations in what right now seems like 2 return values. on the initial wordpress installation i was learning my stuff the function returned the entire path to the current calendar month as the “upload dir”. that didnt happen on the next installation (the current one.) instead the function returned the base directory, WITHOUT the current calendar subdirs. that was awesome. and unpredictable, hence unpleasant. it seems if you have a global setting somewhere in the CMS, you could make it behave the first way, or do it the second way. whatever. i have to find out and then make sure it doesnt bite me, again. and i can see there’s a crappy contrast between the text and the background gradient here, ok, i’ll come up with a solution later. REMEMBER, this site is a test, so you can anticipate the next response. yes, please ijm4cj0-f480H8h-4224f80h(#)!!